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Ed McConnell is very active in issues involving gun control and liability. He is a Life Member of the NRA, the State Regional Director of the Friends of the NRA, a concealed carry license holder, and multiple course graduate of Thunder Ranch. He has presented programs on Concealed Carry Law to Legal Assistant groups and other civic organizations. Through Amarillo College, he has completed a Firearms Instructor course and has participated as an instructor in weapons training for the public and Texas Department of Institutional Corrections officers.

Mr. McConnell's practice is primarily in personal injury, but he has represented gun dealers and concealed carry license holders on various gun-related matters. He is very involved in dealing with the personal injury aspects of the use of firearms: homeowners insurance, vehicle insurance, shooting club insurance and liability, insurance for personal protection or gun ownership (through NRA); general negligence applications; negligent entrustment or failure to properly secure weapons; statutory requirements to prohibit minors from gaining access to unsupervised weapons; firearms training issues; defense of person, family or property; law enforcement and governmental liability or immunity; gun manufacturer, distributor and dealer liability; products liability; inspection and confiscation issues; and liability for marketing.

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