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Gun Injuries

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Amarillo Gun Injury Attorney

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Did you suffer a gun injury when your firearm wrongfully discharged? Was a loved one killed in a hunting accident? Was your child harmed when he or she gained access to an unsupervised firearm in someone else's home? Talk to an experienced Amarillo gun injury lawyer about your situation.

At McConnell & Tormey, our attorneys have extensive knowledge of state and federal gun laws, are extremely active in the community, and are very knowledgeable in gun control and liability. We understand the complex legal issues that are involved in personal injury and wrongful death cases arising from firearms accidents. As attorneys who are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as specialists in Personal Injury Trial Law, we concentrate our practice on representing the rights of accident victims and their families throughout North Texas.

Knowledgeable Amarillo and Lubbock Firearm Accident Lawyers

Depending on the case, a number of individuals and entities may be found liable for firearm accidents and resulting gun injuries or fatalities. We investigate factors involving how the accident occurred, where the accident occurred, how the individual obtained the weapon, how the gun fired, and all aspects of the firearm itself to determine any negligence that may have been factors in the accident.

Our law firm handles hunting accident, firearm accident, and other gun injury cases involving:

  • Gun injuries to minor children
  • Gun injuries and fatalities caused by accidental discharge or negligent discharge
  • Gun injuries and fatalities caused by a defective firearm
  • Gun injuries and fatalities caused by negligent distribution of guns or other weapons

Trusted Legal Authority in All Types of Gun Cases

Our law firm's practice focuses primarily on personal injury. However, our attorneys have also assisted gun dealers and concealed carry license holders on various gun-related matters. We educate individual and business clients regarding critical liability issues and the importance of carrying proper insurance. We advise clients of important laws, firearms training issues, and statutory requirements. We provide informative consultation regarding law enforcement and government liability or immunity. Additionally, we offer comprehensive training seminars on the personal injury aspects of firearms use. In addition, attorney Ed McConnell testified as a firearms expert in a murder case.

Discuss Your Case With an Experienced Lawyer

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Board Certified Texas Personal Injury Lawyers

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