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Although the oil industry has continuously grown through the years, countless people have been injured or had a loved one injured due to an oil field accident. It’s vital that people are aware of their legal rights and how to proceed if they have been injured. According to E&E News, “The upstream oil and gas industry has one of the highest rates of severe injuries in the country.” Oil field workers are in constant danger due to heavy machinery, fire hazards, and the potential of falling into the ocean or rig floor. These dangers are part of the daily environment an oilfield worker has to endure. If you or someone you know has been injured in an oil field, it’s time to seek compensation for your injury.

Various Injuries of An Oil Field

There are different injuries one can suffer while working in an oil field. Although these are not all the accidents that could occur, injuries resulting from fatal oil field accidents may include the following:

Pipeline Explosions and Fires
Broken bones, Fractures, amputation
Wrongful death
Nerve damage

Injuries in the oil field industry vary, some being severe and always without warning. If you or someone you know has suffered an oilfield injury, contact one of our oil field accident lawyers today.


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Steps You Should Take If You’re a Victim of an Oil Field Accident

  • Report your accident to your employer immediately. It’s imperative you file the claim even if you’re uncertain the injury is serve. In some injury cases, those who failed to notify their employer of an incident on the job, were not able to receive compensation benefits because of failure to report the accident. By reporting the accident you have the opportunity to potentially gain workers’ compensation. Don’t hesitate to inform your employer of your injury, no matter how minor it may be.
  • Seek medical help even if you feel like the injury is not major. If you’ve fallen you may not feel pain immediately from a broken bone or fracture, so it’s safer to be evaluated by medical personnel.  
  • Ask for a copy of your medical reports. The medical report will be an asset to your claim.
  • Hire an oil field accident lawyer. They will assist you on your case, while you focus on recovery.

Why You Need an Oil Field Accident Lawyer in Texas

Once you report your accident to your employer, it’s time to connect with an oil field accident lawyer. There are different reasons why you need an attorney who knows how to handle your case.

  • A knowledgeable and experienced oil field accident lawyer knows the laws for these particular accidents. An attorney can assist you on filing your paperwork and help you seek the compensation you deserve for your accident.
  • An oil field accident lawyer can help you gain workers’ compensation. If you’re unable to work, your bills can add up quickly. An attorney could potentially help you receive compensation for medical bills, therapy, and other expenses.  
  • Once you have reported an accident to your employer, there is a possibility that the insurance company may contact you to ask certain questions about your injury. It’s highly encouraged by our firm that you hire an experienced oil field attorney before you speak with an insurance company. An attorney will know how to handle the insurance company and assist you through the process.  

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